The Tiny Island

Over the holidays, most people rest and enjoy time at home. For the Anderkin family, "breaks" usually mean traveling and new adventures. This year we decided to change things up and take a vacation over Christmas break, so that is exactly what we did. Where did we go you might ask? 

Turks and Caicos. 


It's a beautiful island- white sandy beaches, crystal blue water, sea turtles. Everyday, we would head to the beach and soak up the rays until the sun began to set. The resort we stayed at, The Royal West Indies Resort, was quaint yet spectacular in service and activities. They had paddle boards. sailboats, snorkeling gear, and bikes. Seriously, you name it, they had it.

Each night we would walk up and down the beach trying different restaurants and watching the spectacular sunsets from this tiny island. The beach would be lit up by the string lights and tiki torches of world renown resorts. It didn't matter what time of the day it was, this place never lost its beauty.

I highly recommend this island. 10/10.